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Mineclub Shutting Down

It's a sad day for the Minecraft community as we learn that Mineclub will be shutting down. The team behind Mineclub has worked tirelessly over the years to bring new and innovative features to the game, and at its peak, the server had an active player count of over 3,000.

However, despite the team's efforts and dedication, they state it has become increasingly difficult and expensive to operate resource-enabled networks "due to the nature and complexity of Minecraft Java". The team has invested nearly a million dollars, as well as all store revenues, into the project, but unfortunately, they are unable to continue operations.

Read the full notice from Alex [Nixe] here posted to the Mineclub Discord:

We want to thank the entire Mineclub team for their hard work and dedication to the server, as well as the players who have supported them over the years. It's always tough to see a beloved community come to an end, but we hope that the team will be able to explore the possibility of reopening the server in the future.

While it's sad to see Mineclub go, we want to recognize the amazing contributions that the team has made to the game. They have brought hundreds of innovations to Minecraft that have never been seen before, pushing the boundaries and finding creative solutions. We are grateful for the time and effort that both the players and the team have put into the server, and we hope to see them all again soon.

In the meantime, we encourage players to show their support for the Mineclub team and thank them for the memories they have created. It's never easy to say goodbye, but we hope that the team will be able to continue their passion for Minecraft in the future.

Thank you, Mineclub, for all that you have done for the community. ❤️

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