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Updated: Apr 9, 2023

What is a DDOS Attack?

DDoS attacks?! The thing that prevents the players on your server from having a normal and peaceful game. Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS in short is a type of cyber attack aimed at making a server unavailable to its users. In short, the hacker attempts to overload the server with excessive traffic, making it difficult for the server to handle legitimate requests from players. Attacks on public Minecraft servers can be quite serious. DDoS attacks can make your server slow or outright stop functioning until the attack is over. This can cause a loss of players in your server or a bad reputation, which is something we don't want to happen. Therefore, in today's article, we will talk about the top 5 ways to prevent DDoS attacks.

How to protect your Minecraft Server from DDOS Attacks?

Here are some tips on how to protect your Minecraft server from DDoS attacks:

Use a good hosting provider

One of the most important things to protect your Minecraft server from DDoS ​​attacks is choosing a suitable hosting provider. A good hosting provider will have the necessary resources and resources to deal with and mitigate DDoS attacks, ensuring that your server remains online even during an attack. Some of the things that are of great importance when choosing a hosting provider are good server resources that can handle a large amount of traffic during a DDoS attack. A good DDoS mitigation, with the ability to automatically detect and filter large traffic during the attack. Your server must be in a suitable location to be able to have a high amount of internet service providers that can make it much more difficult for the attack to reach your server.

Use a Firewall

A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic to your Minecraft server and more. A firewall allows or blocks data packets based on a set of security rules. Its purpose is to create a barrier between your internal server network and incoming traffic from external sources (such as the Internet) to block malicious traffic such as viruses and hackers. A firewall to your Minecraft server is one of the best recommendations so far and can really help you with malicious DDoS ​​attacks.

Use AN Anti-DDoS software

Anti-DDoS software is designed to protect a Minecraft server from DDoS attacks by filtering malicious traffic and allowing only legitimate traffic to reach your server. This is of utmost importance, and now we're going to tell you why. When your server is functioning normally and several players per minute submit a request to enter the server, it needs less than half a second to read the request. Now you imagine that the hacker is trying to launch a really hard DDoS attack. Does this mean that instead of a few players per minute, requests from a thousand, maybe ten thousand? What about A hundred thousand players per second submitted to your server? This causes your server to crash because it can't handle all these requests. That's exactly what this anti-ddos ​​software is used for, to block all those fake requests to your Minecraft server.

Block traffic from known malicious IPs

Blocking traffic from known malicious IP addresses during the attack is a common technique to prevent DDoS attacks on your minecraft server. Let me explain how this works: A database of known malicious IP addresses is maintained by the anti-DDoS software or plugin installed on your server. When a DDoS attack is detected, the anti-DDoS software or plugin compares the IP addresses of the incoming requests that are submitted by the hacker's attack with known malicious IP addresses from earlier or other attacks. If a match is found with earlier attacks the incoming request submitted by the DDoS ​​attack is blocked and is not allowed to reach your server ever again because it goes to the server's blacklist. With each subsequent attack, your software collects data on IP addresses that can never attack you again. This is extremely important and many people recommend it to deal with DDoS ​​attacks on your Minecraft server.

Monitor your server

Overall, monitoring your Minecraft server during a DDoS attack is extremely critical to accurately detecting the attack, understanding its scope, measuring the effectiveness of your response, and preserving evidence of it. By keeping a close eye on your server for such attacks, you can take the necessary steps listed above to minimize the impact of the attack and keep your players online and engaged. Here we come to the end of our article related to How to prevent DDoS ​​attacks on our Minecraft server Protecting a Minecraft server from DDoS attacks requires a combination of multiple things, and can take some time. I'm sure if you use the steps listed in the article you will be able to deal with the problem of DDoS attacks on your server.


Being under a DDoS attack doesn't feel good, whether you've just released your Minecraft server, or you've been running it for a long time.

The best way to prevent any DDoS attacks is by not causing unnecessary conflict between you and your competitors.

It's always better to stay in your lane and work on your own project, than to indulge in drama with other server owners.

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