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The Top 5 Fun & Games Plugins For Minecraft Servers

I’ve been on a bunch of servers that maintain the same simple plugins everyone has and they always struggle to keep their players.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves the staple factions and economy plugins, but you have to agree that they’re just not that fun to play with anymore.

That’s why every server should look for fun new plugins to install that will keep the players going.

I’ve assembled a small list of plugins I personally think are great fits for your Minecraft servers so that you don’t have to! Take a look.

Anything you feel like mobs are lacking in Minecraft, this plugin can add. It would take a long while for me to explain all of the details about this plugin, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

For one, it gives mobs levels that scale their health and damage; and it gives them special powers to make fighters harder.

Also, it adds adventures, mini dungeons, and lairs which are basically tiny versions of adventure maps. You can make your own, or download some of the free and paid ones.

Custom enchantments, custom bosses, and some more customization features are also a big part of the plugin which I’d recommend playing around with.

Other features include NPCs, “super mobs” and the ability to import custom models.

The plugin’s author has a neat little video on how to install the mod.


The native version of Minecraft for this plugin is 1.18, but it works on versions 1.16 to 1.19 too!

It would help if you also had the following plugins in order for it to run properly with all its features:

As a kid, I was really obsessed with magic tricks, and I got really disappointed when I learned Minecraft doesn’t exactly have magic. You could count enchantments and potions, but it doesn’t really scratch that itch.

However, server owners can make magic possible for their players by installing the Magic plugin. It adds cute little wands made of smaller cubes, a few custom mobs, a new progression system, new crafting recipes, and other customizable features.

How to Install

Place the .jar file into the appropriate plugins folder. After that, join the server and experiment with the spells.

By default, server ops are the only ones that can use wands, and you can configure this with this list of permissions.


Although its native version is 1.13, it can run on anything from 1.9 to 1.19. The only dependency is Spigot or CraftBukkit.

I’ve never been able to get into chess, but my best friend loves it and always makes us play on vacations! If a decent amount of people in your community like chess, and you want to add it as a minigame on your server, check out MineChess.

This plugin includes a fully functional chess game, as well as leaderboards, scoreboards, spectator options, and more. It's great for chess enthusiasts to cool off after playing normal Minecraft.

How to Install

It is installed like all the other plugins on this list, with adding the jar file in the appropriate folder.

As for configuration, there is a good guide on how to configure the plugin on its spigot page.


MineChess can run on versions from 1.8 to 1.19. It requires Spigot, and doesn’t run on CraftBukkit.

There are two more optional dependencies that are needed for the full feature list:

These are for features like scoreboards.

Of all the games I’ve played, Minecraft really has a lacking fishing system. It’s a very underutilized system that really isn’t that good.

However, the EvenMoreFish plugin, built on the basis of a previous plugin called MoreFish expands the fishing system.

It adds biome-specific fish, glowing fish, custom models, randomly generated lengths of fish, and a bunch of other neat little features.

How to Install

After putting the .jar file in the directory, it automatically allows all players to participate in the plugin’s features. The only admin command permission is emf.admin, which is needed for shops and such.


Its native version is the most recent 1.19, but it can run versions as far back as 1.16.

It’s been tested on Bukkit, Spigot, and Paper. As for plugins, the only dependencies are Vault (and WorldGuard for custom regions).

An even better option for minigames that players on your server can play to relax is the GameBox plugin.

If you, like me, played a lot of the idle game CookieClicker, or grew up playing MineSweeper on early Windows versions, then this will be a good plugin for you.

It allows players to play CookieClicker, MineSweeper, Battleships, 2048, Connect4, Sudoku, Whack-a-mole, and GemCrush within their inventories.

How to Install

To install GameBox, you need to put the jar file in the plugin folder. Then, you can give yourself the “gamebox.admin.modules” permission, reload the server, and run /gb in Minecraft.


Unfortunately, GameBox has only been tested up until 1.16, and its native version is 1.14. It has no dependencies, other than Bukkit/Spigot.

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