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How to Set Up a Minecraft LAN Party: A Guide on Configuring Server Settings and Player Connections

While playing Minecraft solo can be entertaining, the addition of loved ones can bring forth even more pleasure.

An idea for playing with companions entails arranging a LAN party, which involves adjusting server options and player links.

This article serves as a helpful tutorial for how to successfully host a Minecraft LAN party.


Gathering together to play Minecraft on a local area network (LAN) without internet is called a Minecraft LAN party. Players can connect their devices to a router or switch to create a network and play together.

There are numerous advantages to hosting a Minecraft LAN party:

  • Enjoying lively and interactive gatherings with loved ones

  • Playing Minecraft with companions can be a more pleasurable experience than playing individually

  • Minimizing disruptions to online gameplay caused by internet connectivity issues and lag

Planning the LAN Party

Before setting up a Minecraft LAN party, it is important to plan and organize the event. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThis includes:

Choosing a location

Select a sufficiently roomy site that can effortlessly hold all players and their belongings. Opt for an area with decent illumination and air circulation.

Inviting players

Invite the gamers you wish to attend the LAN gathering. Share all the essential particulars, comprising the party's day, time, and venue.

Setting a date and time

Select a suitable date and time that is convenient for all parties involved and ensure that the commencement and conclusion times are explicitly defined.

For optimal gameplay experience, it is suggested that every participant possesses his or her personal account and compatible device for Minecraft.

It is also advisable for each individual to carry an Ethernet cable and power strip.

Setting Up the LAN

After planning the Minecraft LAN party, the next step is to set up the LAN network. This includes:

Setting up a LAN world

The host of the LAN gathering must create a LAN world and disclose the IP address to others. In doing so, they can connect to the LAN network and participate in the world. The host must create a new world and adjust some server settings such as game mode, difficulty, and other options.

Solving Common Issues

The host should be equipped with basic solutions like checking the network, restarting the game, or resetting the router in case any problems occur.

Connecting Players

Connecting the players comes after establishing the LAN. This includes:

  • Having individual Minecraft accounts is crucial to begin playing. This facilitates simple sign-in and joining of the LAN world.

  • Players can join the LAN world by entering the host's IP address after they have logged in.

  • Resolving connection problems: To connect to the LAN world seamlessly, players ought to inspect their network connection and verify their IP address with precision.

To access the LAN world, players can follow the steps after successfully logging in:

  • Open Minecraft and click on "Multiplayer" on the main menu.

  • Click on "Add Server" and enter a name for the server.

  • Enter the IP address provided by the host in the "Server Address" field.

  • Click "Done" to save the server.

Click on the server name to join the LAN world.

To solve connectivity issues while connecting to the server, it's recommended that you ensure your system is connected to the same network as the host.

In case of persisting issues, attempting to restart Minecraft, computer or router could also troubleshoot.

Running the LAN Party

Once all the participants have joined the LAN world, the time has come for Minecraft gameplay to commence.

The party's host must establish some ground rules, like not stealing, not cheating, and not engaging in griefing activities.

Minecraft offers a variety of game modes for multiplayer gameplay with friends, including modes for survival, creativity, and adventure.

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