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How to Set Up a Minecraft Server on a VPS

In case you esteem Minecraft and crave the ability to engage in gameplay with others, you might want to author your exclusive server.

Substantial power and customization advancement beyond that of a common Minecraft server materializes by creating a Minecraft server on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Experienced assistance in procuring Minecraft server establishment on a VPS will be provided systematically in this article.

Your VPS will be home to a fully operating Minecraft server once you finish reading.

Choosing a VPS Provider

The commencing phase towards installing a Minecraft server onto a VPS consists of opting for an adequate hosting provider, which is crucial as there are assorted VPS providers to choose from, and one's ultimate decision shall be founded on personal preferences and spending constraints. Distinguished VPS providers for Minecraft servers encompass OVH, Bisect Hosting, Cloudzy, DigitalOcean and Bloom Host

After the selection of the VPS provider, the subsequent steps embrace the establishment of a new VPS instance, encompassing the location selection, operation system selection, server size selection, and storage configuration, all whilst ensuring the compatibility of the operating system with the designated Minecraft server software.

Installing Java and Minecraft Server Software

To initialize the process of configuring your Minecraft server, it is fundamental to have Java and the Minecraft server software installed on your VPS to guarantee optimal operation.

The following guide offers a sequential procedure on how to carry out this installation

Connect to your VPS via SSH

To start the installation, you must first connect to your VPS via SSH. This can be achieved with a terminal program like PuTTY or Terminal. Simply establish an SSH connection with your VPS. For example: Get PuTTY from the authorized website, open and insert the IP address of your VPS on the "Host Name (or IP address)" section, check if "Connection type" says SSH, then press "Open" to commence the SSH session.

In case it is your initial connection to the VPS, a prompt from PuTTY will ask you to authenticate the server's host key.

Click "Yes" to proceed afterward input your VPS login credentials (username and password) then log in.

Install Java

The Minecraft server software requires Java for functionality.

The process of installation on VPS involves executing the command: "sudo apt-get install default-jre". This will install Java's default version available in the VPS's package repository.

Download the Minecraft server software

After the installation of Java, acquiring the Minecraft server software is possible through the official Minecraft website, whereas a simple command can be utilized for downloading the server software's most recent iteration, ensuring that it is saved in the contemporary location.

- wget

Configuring the Server Properties

After commencing the Minecraft server, it is necessary to tailor the server traits to meet your requirements.

One must perform the arduous task of editing the document, which can be located in the identical directory as the Minecraft server application.

You should look into stuff such as the maximum amount of players and gameplay settings.

Setting Up Port Forwarding

In order for other players to join your Minecraft server, you must arrange port forwarding on your router so that traffic can flow to your virtual private server, enabling connections from others.

If you wish to establish such forwarding, you must access your router's settings page and establish a new forwarding law by defining the internal and external ports and the IP address for your VPS.

Running the Minecraft Server

Upon successfully configuring your server properties and establishing port forwarding, your Minecraft server is primed to commence operation. Launch the server by executing the identical command applied prior, as follows: "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui."

Subsequently, the server will initiate in the background, enabling you to connect to it via Minecraft with the inclusion of the VPS IP address into the server list.

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